3D Model - Cycling Viewports

First of all, This tool to Save and Display viewports is awesome, seriously!!

But why does its hotkey has to show a list AND THEN change the view?

This behavior is Horrible. It takes one more step annoying to change the view.
The keyboard shortcuts should speed up the use of Kicad, not slow it down.

It should be Just Change the view, and Then the name of the currently selected view would be displayed in the dropdown menu.


Also, the Viewports (Shit+ tab) label is ugly and not necessary. It should be Viewport: [Dropdown List] and Then the Tooltip could show that Shift+Tab is the shortcut to access this feature easily.

I also would like to say that THIS could be also thought of as a browser tab.
So a better shortcut should be

  • Ctrl+Tab to move forward on this list
  • Ctrl+ Shit+Tab to move backward

But why does its hotkey has to show a list AND THEN change the view?

Because with the current behaviour you can with one hotkey switch between the current and last view. I like this feature very much - much better than to cycle through a long list of defined viewports until one gets to the starting point. (And don’t recommend the " Ctrl+ Shit+Tab" for regular use - that’s not a ergonomic hotkey.)
The usecase “cycle between two viewports” is the most needed usecase for me.

So a better shortcut should be … something with CTRL

There are many restrictions for hotkey-combinations as general hotkeys must work at 3 plattforms equally well. If I remember correctly the MACOS-system has some CTRL-key-restrictions.

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Come on. This is the best shortcut and it is Everywhere.

For Mac replace the Ctrl with Cmd, you already know. I use 3 operating systems, dude. It has to be good on all.

If this thing shows a list it depends on you to think before switching. Why would you want to change your focus thinking about something that you don’t need.

Cycling through the views allows you to go from the first one to the last one too.

This intermediate-list thing is horrible. Is a waist of time, and waist of brain power. Being able to switch directly allows you to pass through the whole list of viewports twice, and visualizing the thing while you are just reading the options on the list thinking which label is going to give you which view.

I think you’re going to have a hard sell to get this changed. It follows the long tradition of emacs, which is also copied in most development tools (certainly CLion, which I use).

While this doesn’t suggest that all EDA users a familiar with it, it does suggest that all those who write EDA tools are probably familiar with it. :wink:


I have a better suggestion, actually.

There is this lazy Shift+Tab shortcut to call this Viewport List, and it is fine for all people that like to waste time.

Buy it could also have another set o shortcuts Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to switch to the next and the previous Viewport for the ones that just want to get the job done.

And this save/switch viewport feature is a really interesting feature added recently to the 3D viewer.

FWIW, there is already a wishlist to be able to set the hotkeys for this.

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