3d model conversion assistance

I am trying to convert some 3d models to .step, but I’m having difficulties with some .wrl or .igs source files.
I know there is a difference between mesh- and solid-based models, and interconversion is not trivial.

In Freecad I can import a mesh model, convert it to a solid and then export as .step. If I re-import this step file, it often consists of several other parts - which I have to combine again so StepUp can operate on it.

Now my problem is either the resulting filesize is too large to work with, or I just can’t seem to make a single-part .step model at all due to the individual parts not wanting to merge, or the resulting step file is - again - made of separate parts.

I’ve tried all sorts of interconversions, and I’m about to pull my hair out :frowning: I just want a rough approximation of the original model - colors are not important. Not being able to detect collisions or anything fancy doesn’t interest me either.

If someone can help me out with these models, I’d greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

Stereo_Pot.IGS (1.3 MB)
Switch_Pot_Small_Shaft.IGS (2.2 MB)
Single_Pot.IGS (1.2 MB)
Alpha_9mm_Vertical_T18.wrl (3.5 MB)


Iges (igs) format often leads to surface shells instead of real solid models… then it is often very difficult to obtain a good solid model to work with.
If the starting model is a mesh object you get even a worst scenario.

For your 3d models it would be easier to start modelling from the manufacturer’s dimensions…

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