3d library error


I add to 3D library and I see this error.
why would this error happen?

KiCad version? (Help menu -> About dialog.) How did you install it, with the default installer? Also, give the exact steps what you did.

(It wouldn’t hurt to learn to take screenshots or even better, screencasts. Photos are OK but it would be easier for you in the long run. ShareX can take both screenshots and screencast videos.)


my version is 5.0.2.

ı choose pcbnew-> preferences-> Add 3d libraries wizard.

I didn’t even know there’s such wizard.

Can you add a screenshot of the situation just before you click something which opens this Debug Alert?

ı follow this way step by step.

At least it tells you that it can’t write to that directory. Do you actually have the directory (C:\Users\ARGE etc.) and is it writable?

Could KiCAD have a problem with the 'Arge-2.Arge-2' part of the path?

this can be possible

how can i install 3d libraries

I don’t know how the paths are organized for the official KiCAD libs, so this is all to take with heaps of salt (explanation: I don’t use those libs, I make my own).

You can see the URL to the libs on github right?
Just download them directly from that location.
Then, once on your machine, put them into a folder that you got access to.
Next is to adjust the KISYS3DMOD path variable via the Configure Paths dialog in KiCAD.
If the footprints are set up with a relative path to the 3D models (which relies on the KISYS3DMOD path to give a complete path), they now should just work.

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You give us only little information about your situation and about what you actually want to do and why.

  1. KiCad installer for Windows installs the 3D models if you didn’t change the default while installing. So do you have any specific reason to get them from github?
  2. You don’t have to use that wizard.
  3. Do you need the models for the official library footprints? Or do you have your own footprints? In any case you don’t need github unless you want the latest developent version of the library.
  4. The model files can be anywhere in your system. Each individual footprint has a link to a 3d file. It may use an environment variable to find the file. Ask for details about this if you need.

The official lib uses the KISYS3DMOD path variable in the 3d model path settings of all footprints as @Joan_Sparky already mentioned.
This is part of the library convention and conveniently checked with our test scripts. Should any footprint without this still make it into the lib then please report it as that would be a bug.

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