3d footprints for caps all scaled wrongly…?

This is weird, the 3d footprints for caps and caps only are weirdly scaled for me:

turns into:

The same problem for each and every cap footprint I look at in the viewer:

I mean, shouldn’t the 2d board footprint and the 3d one line up at least?

Is there some scale setting I have accidentally fingered on?

The 3D models have been corrected to actual size. The old libraries scaled by 1/(2.54)

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Ah, inch/cm, should have noticed that proportion. Can I just download the new ones, I installed this KiCad just a few weeks ago? (noob)

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No error here with Capacitors_THT on 4.0.7 on Ubuntu

The 3D scale factor is 1.0

edit 4.0.7 on Windows OK too

Starting to wonder if I should have left them as is :stuck_out_tongue: I think this is the 5th post regarding the THT models :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if they update to 4.0.7 the problem should be solved. (That’s why i requested to have the lib updated for 4.0.7)

The error will go away as users update or install 4.0.7
Users of old third part libraries should know how to solve this themselves