3D components too big


I noticed that the 3D view of a lot of the radial caps are too big on my system
Almost half of the components don’t line up with the holes in the pcb.
Is this a known issue?
Is there a (temporary) workaround?

I’m currentl using KiCad 4.0.6-e0-6349~53~ubuntu14.04.1.release build


I updated the footprints and 3d models like a week ago.
a workaround would be to change the scale to 0.39371.
but the correct way would be to update you 3D models (PCBNew has an option for that under Preferences)


The correct thing to do would be to download the current 3d models from either the kicad-library repo or from the packages-3d repo
(In nightly builds there is even a 3d shapes downloader.)


Tanks a lot for fixing the lib and pointing out to me that it’s fixed.
Updated the lib and it works now.


Getting the 3D models to look right was quite a struggle and I’m stil not completely there.
I’ve been klicking a lot in circles with my mouse and I finally gave in by giving KiCad sudo rights to write to /usr/share/kicad/.
Only now the light brighens and I realized I could have temporarily changed the owner of /usr/shar/kicad/
(PS: What’s the recommended way to solve this neatly?).

But KiCad did it’s thing and I had working Elco’s.
Unfortunately this also resulted in a lot of other caps being too small.
This was easily fixed by ditching the whole Capacitor_ThroughHole lib and only using the Capacitor_THT.

Today I thought to just get all the 3D libs from Github (maybe I should just clone) but I did it with KiCad/PcbNew.
After about 10 minutes (It’s a 1GB download) the download stopped with the following error:

Error fetching JSON data from URL ‘https://raw.githubusercontent.com/KiCad/kicad-library/master/modules/packages3d/Connectors_JST.3dshapes/JST_PH_S10B-PH-K_10x2.00mm_Angled.wrl’.
Reason: ‘IO_ERROR: curl_easy_perform()=7: Couldn’t connect to server
from /build/kicad-I8aRie/kicad-4.0.6+e0/kicad/common/kicad_curl/kicad_curl_easy.cpp : Perform() : line 92’


to download a sub-part of the 3D library you can use


I would put the libs somewhere in the home directory and change KISYS3DMOD to point to this location. (Kicad main window->preferences->configure paths)