3 digit 7 segment LED, common anode

I installed kicad-5.1.2_1-i686.exe and run it on Windows 7 (32bit).

The first symbol, I needed for my first schematic, is of a “3 digit 7 segment LED, common cathode”. For some reason, it wasn’t included among the 100 symbols in the library “Display_Character”.
So I wonder if its symbol (and footprint) exists somewhere. Otherwise, I will have to draw it myself even before going on working with my first schematic :frowning:

Hearing any hint on how and where to search symbols which are not included yet in the installed libraries will be much appreciated.

Thank you

Edit: “common cathode” should be “common anode”. I also edited the title.

First thing is you need to provide us with a link to the spec sheet of the part you will be using if possible.

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Thank you for replying.

It is much like the 4 digit 7 segment LED displays included in the library.
Its footprint has also 12 pins (6+6); but instead of 4 digits there are 3 only.
So 1 pin of the 12 ones has no internal connection; it belonged to the rightmost digit.
And its footprint is also standard; 0.6" between the upper and lower rows and 0.1" between pins.

I know nothing about 7 segment displays but I can read a spec sheet if you can provide a link. It sounds like you could modify an existing symbol easy enough though if it is close to what is there.


You are right.

For instance, when I searched it now I got many results.
For example, you can see it at:

So I think I will ignore it for the time being and continue my first schematic. It will be the last symbol to be imported; ready-made or home-made :slight_smile:

EDIT: This is not important, but I noticed that, by mistake, I wrote “common cathode” though it should be in my project “common anode”.

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