2 years of usage

I know this is possibly the wrong place but I would like to give some praise to the KiCad Team !

Since the release of V5.x I have made several Projects - OK they are small ones, with single sided, home-made PCBs and a mix of SMD and THT. But this still means to use the SW intensively to get everything aboard. My PCBs would be impossible without KiCads possibilities to manipulate Pads and essentially “do what you want”. (Professional Layouters would probably kill me on the spot)
Maybe I will someday present a 3D Picture of such a Design but I fear to be laughed about :fearful:

However, KiCad can do both ! Professional AND Improvised ! And it evolves in an impressive way. I could certainly create a wishlist keeping dozens of SW designers occupied but to be honest KiCad can already do more than I need and it is actually mostly FUN to use !

So thanks to all developers and please continue this way !!


I don’t remind anyone making fun of any project here, so no worries about showing your work. There’s a lot of experienced users/engineers here willing to share their knowledge and experience, and from my point of view it’s a great place to learn.


I concur wholeheartedly.
Thank you, developers, for making Kicad 5.x a winning combination of PCB tools!
You have done a wonderful job, and I truly appreciate all the work you have put into this program.

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