2 versions of Kicad

This is just a quickie but i was wondering if its possible to install 2 versions of Kicad on Windows or Linux. What I mean is the latest stable release which is 4022 I believe, and the latest builds using Winbuilder on Windows or the build script on Linux.

BTW, I love this forum. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful, and it’s a lot easier to follow topics than it is on the Yahoo group. Thank you Chris


I think you could change the installation prefix ( usually /usr ) & change the path variable accordingly, but that may get a bit messy.

These days with so much cpu power, I’d just use a virtual machine for this.

It is definitely possible on windows, I have three Kicad versions on my W7 PC.

Don’t know about linux though, never tried this yet.

Thanks for the quick replies guys. Yeah I thought it might be tricky on linux at least, but Dolganoff. 3 Versions on Windows!!! Really??? lol


yeah, the old 4042 stable “just in case”, a 5025 which I consider my “new” production-grade stable, and a fresh monthly built “bleeding edge” which I use the most but that fails to build occasionally, that’s why I keep 5025, because they are file-compatible.

@Dolganoff, three versions on windows sounds great! How did you accomplish it? Specifically, keeping all three versions, and managing running one specific version?

Does anyone else do something like this? How?


Just install them in different folders!