2 references for one component(footprint)

Is it possible to have in schematic two references for exemple one fuse and the fuse holder for F1. Is possible to have 2 lines for F1 ?

I think no.
My suggestion - place two symbols at schematic, one having footprint containing only graphic (no pads).


This is not possible. You can however add a fuse symbol with it’s corresponding fuse holder symbol, and then also add another fuse graphic which is not connected to anything and select “exclude from board”

This way it’s not on the PCB but still appears in the BOM. I do this for example for IC sockets so when exporting the BOM into my inventory management system they don’t get forgotten about.

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The fuse is not fitted to the PCB, it’s fitted to the fuse holder which is fitted to the PCB. Why would it need to be part of the BOM ? if you really want it on the BOM do as Piotr suggested.

To have assemble house buy it and click into fuse holder.

Is that what the OP wanted though ? it wasn’t clear . . .

May be yes, may be not - wasn’t clear.
I understood that you are sure that it is wrong idea to have fuse in the BOM. And may be in many cases it is, as fuse is not element assembled to PCB. I only wanted to show the case when it can be useful to have it in BOM.
We have in offer a small PCB with serie of fuses in fuse holders and terminal blocks and lighting LEDs (no light = fuse broken) to distribute 12V supply individually fused to RFID readers. If we outsource this PCB assembly than why not also outsource inserting fuses to receive from assemble house the ready to send to customers product.

Yeah, I agree in many cases, especially where the assembly house can get a better price, but if the OP just wanted on the board for 3D CAD/visualisation purposes it might not bee needed in the BOM.