2 important issue plz support PCBnew kicad 5.0


Good day suppor team

I have 2 questions i need some one to support me because i am to much tired from search and looking for the answer

1- first issue is in pcbnew design after finishing from schematic and pcb design , when i switch to 3D module i surprise the face of PCB (top view ) is like mirror of the electronic parts because when i check how it will fix in the PCB it’s showing different direction of pin , again i have to edit my design and edit parts then start from zero . the (bottom view) is the correct view for design when u print u r design in real PCB , that means the top of PCB is bottom of PCB and vice versa .kindly clear this issue maybe no one facing this issue or notice that . if some one have solution plz let me know

2- Second problem is when i selected assign PCB footprints to schematic then select filter footprint list by pin software stuck and stop working

Iam very happy with kicad and i have experience in lot of software but i am not using only kicad

Kindly support to clear and i upload the picture kindly see to make u easy to understand my issue

Best regards


Now lets slow down here.

First of all this is a user support forum. We are just normal users trying to help out other users. KiCad has no official support team. (This is why you would pay quite a bit for commercial software :wink: )

I am not really sure what you mean here. It seems like you designed a through hole pcb. In through hole design you typically have the component on the top side and the traces on the bottom. (From your 3d view it looks like you did it that way.)

In pcb_new the board is shown from the top. So you will of course see the bottom layers mirrored there.
To convince your self about that just place some text on the bottom copper layer and look in the 3d view. Rotate it around a bit. You could even set the board body to invisible (in the preferences menu) such that you only see the copper layers. (as soon as you rotate it to the top view you will see that it looks exactly like it does in pcb_new. Meaning you will see the bottom layer as mirrored.)

Here a small pcb with a text on the bottom and one on the top layer for your experiments:
test.kicad_pcb (2.7 KB)

When printing bottom layers you need to check the mirrored option (in the print dialog) to see it as it will be made.

Are you planning on getting your board manufactured or will you make it your self?


I appreciate u for support and advice me what i can do . Hhhhh i don’t know maybe i think ther is support team here … good all here users…
U r correct the bottom view is mirror of the top but here
the opposite top is mirror of bottom view it’s clear now try from u r side and check
What about 2nd issue any ideas
No i have CNC router i convert to GRBL

And for your experiments i will check tomorrow because i am using mobile

If u still not understand maybe u can connect remotly to my pc and i will show u



I don’t want to insult or blame you, but I have to say that as a non-native English speaker (or rather reader/writer) I find your written text very difficult to read and understand. Please use proper spelling for words and use full stops (periods). You will get better chance of getting help. I usually skip text which is purposefully so sloppily written that it’s difficult to read, whether it’s English or Finnish.


Can you look in the library manager found under pcb_new -> preferences -> footprint library manager and tell us if any of the libraries uses the github plugin? (Make a screenshot of it if you are unsure)

Also share the info you get from help -> about kicad -> copy version info


Thank u for that … and i appreciate u r advice.


I will check thank u



This what i found

And for version information is 5.0.0 wxwidget 3.0.3


You still have the version 4 footprint library table. Read this FAQ article: I had KiCad 4 installed previosly. Now i updated to v5. Now i have some problems with the library setup


thank u issue clear now


for the love of chris learn to use screenshots or better yet copy/paste


A bit unnecessary here.

A better way would be to point to a tutorial explaining how without insulting the poster.


Ok dear i know how to take screenshot . but in that time i am using mobile :grin:


the poster is insulting everyone willing to spend their time trying to help them by making things unnecessarily difficult.


I do not feel insulted by @eng_aamer

Your behavior however is not necessary and damaging to the community. Remember not everyone here is of the same level in technical abilities. And not everyone is a native speaker.


Thanks to every one special to @Rene_Poschl

I don’t know what I did . or what happen now .
I did simple thing . I have issue and now clear.
After that i surprise some one talk about my writing , and other about something is fare from my issue!!!
Is this good for some one need to learn? …
Same what @Rene_Poschl said not everyone’s is a native speaker . It’s enough for me that I have brought my problem and understood by some people

Regards for everyone read my post and try to understand and try to help me
And i am sorry if i said something not good


Yea and @eelik managed to stay polite


We need to keep this civil. If you don’t like a post/poster then move on to other topics.


Offensive posts removed. Everybody follow @hermit advice :cop:


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