2 Copper Layer PCB Routing Issue


I’m Facing Some Problem in 2 Layer PCB Routing Issue. I don’t know why I’m facing this issue. But when I’m doing routing with F.cu it’s fine and correctly connected but when i am going to switch layer by Via and go to B.cu layer and going to connect don’t know it’s unconnected.

Please Help me to do solution for this issue


Is the pad ONLY on the front layer?

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Yes this is SMD pads

Then you need another via to get back to the Front side.
But, why are you switching sides in the first place?


The point is that an SMT pad is on only one layer. A track must be on the same layer in order to connect to it.

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Actually I’m new in Kicad. So I’m trying to do. But now i understand the concept. Thank you

Yeah sure. You are right. We can do this with if components on bottom side also or Through hole components.

Thank you

Such buttons really have both pins 2 connected internally (they are two ends of one piece of metal) so track is not needed. Why KiCad don’t knows it is a long story discussed here from time to time.
One of methods to make KiCad don’t asking for making this connection (and satisfy DRC) is to use symbol with 4 pins and footprint with pins 1…4 and connect at schematic wires to right pins (only 2 of 4).

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Oh okay… that’s really great. Thanks

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