@#$%^&* 15 characters & Selecting sub categories

This forum has a category “Simulation Ngspice”, but I can not select that category.

Sorry for cursing, but I got annoyed when “Title must be at least 15 characters” kept popping up multiple times right over the text I was typing.

The simulation category is a sub category of the schematic category. For a full detailed lest of all sub categories see: https://forum.kicad.info/categories

When creating a post they are all listed in the drop down list.

Another way to get to it is to select schematic first which then spawns a second drop down menu on the right of it where you can then select the sub category simulation.

Having minimum title length and post length generally is a good idea as it forces users to be a bit more descriptive.

You are however right that the placement of that particular error message is suboptimal.

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