1 unconnected left but nothing listed in DRC?

Kicad is showing 1 unconnected but DRC shows 0 unconnected. I understand the DRC isn’t showing because the copper is actually connected but I need to find where that is exactly! This is the only thing stopping me from sending off this board!

Besides looking around aimlessly like I’ve been doing for the past hour, how can I find the unconnected pad?

Is this in the GAL canvas? If so, hit F9, run DRC, then hit F11 and see if it is fixed.

Another thing to try is to save your work. Then use the “Cleanup Tracks and Vias” tool.

I’m curious if either one of these is a fix for you.

For me sometimes the unconnected count stays at > 0 until i restart pcb_new. So try this as well.

This is an annoying minor bug that keeps coming up and seems to be surprisingly hard to fix

It’s the Open GL canvas (F11) when I switch to Default (F9) it said 0 unconnected.

Should have done that sooner, that knocked it to 11 unconnected and after connecting those it says 0 unconnected in all the views. Thank you.