1 layer in Design Rules

Hey Kicad´s :wink:
i have a quastion about layer numbers in KiCAD 5.1.4…
In Design Rules i have no way to change the Layernumber to odd Layers.
I have a pcb with 1 copperlayer.
Only even Layers are availible. Why?
I want choose the Layernumber to odd layers.
Thank´s for help.

Just choose 2 layers and ignore the other layer.

Fabs charge the same for 2 layers as for 1 anyway.

Adding to the 2 previous replys - board houses offer usually even number of layers. You won’t probably gain anything by ordering odd number of layers. As was said, the extra layer can be ignored in the design phase and you don’t have to plot it into gerber.

Not all.

You love to be nitpicky and contrary don’t you? :stuck_out_tongue: Ok, I do know of a couple of fabs that advertise 1 layer boards for slightly cheaper on Aliexpress. Not sure why, maybe they are using up poorer FR-4 stock or something. And of course there are the old phenolic boards used in consumer electronics which are 1 layer to shave off a few pennies. And of course if you are doing your own boards (why?!) you may have 1 layer stock.

But for most practical purposes consider 2-layer the base standard. So there, happy? :wink:

Agreed, usually people doing 1-layer are making them DIY, not ordering them. Or mistakenly think that ordering 1-layer would be significantly cheaper. At least, as I recall.

For KiCad, it’s pretty moot anyway, there is no single layer option as such.

Being forced to have 2 copper zones in your design gives you the flexibility of using your non-planned copper layer to route wire jumpers. Even if you are doing a fully SMT board, just don’t drill the vias so the via circle where the hole would have been gives you a pad to tack-solder one end of a wire jumper. If you don’t need wire jumpers, don’t use them and as suggested above ignore the unused layer. :wink:

I like to be precise.
If I see sentence which I feel being not precise which in my opinion can delude someone I feel being forced to update its precision.
And in this concrete subject this is the first time I heard of prices for 1 and 2 layer boards being the same. But I have really no overview so if most have the same prices - may be - I just didn’t heared of it.
The local fab we use for 2 prototype boards 1dm² each has the price:
1 layer - 50 + 2 * 32 PLN
2 layer - 60 + 2 * 65 PLN
Some time ago we needed 0 layer PCB and the price was the same as for 1 layer as they didn’t had in offer 0 layer and we ordered 1 layer with all copper etched.

I’m surprised you didn’t write an entire essay in the quest to be precise. :wink:

What happens is you don’t even see an option for 1 sided on their order pages for the fabs I have encountered.

It’s called CDO. It’s almost like OCD, but with all the letters in alphabetical order, as they should be.

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