1.5 components per hierarchical sheet for components with 2 circuits per component

I have a circuit that I use multiple times that requires 3 opamps. I’m using lm358, which has 2 op amps per component. I can easily use 2 components per circuit if I use hierarchical sheets sharing the same file. I can also easily use 1.5 components per circuit if I manually create each all the circuits.

Is there a way to keep the benefit of using hierarchical sheets from the same file while using 1.5 components per circuit?

You can manually select the unit of a placed symbol independently in different sub schematics. So place your three opamps inside the sheet and in every second instance change the unit of one of them. (In current nightly switching units is done with right-click -> unit -> select the unit)

Example project: test.zip (3.4 KB)

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Wow, I should have tried that before I asked the question.

That is enough for this (and most projects that I would ever do), but if I were doing something where I duplicated the same circuit 10’s of times is it possible to make it do this without going and changing it in half of the sub schematics?
I guess it wouldn’t have much value, but is it possible?

I think you can allow the annotation algorithm to do this for you. But then you have very little control over which sheet will use which opamp. (the reset annotations option in that dialog should do it that way.)

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