Windows 7 soon to be no longer functional for 6.0

I have no way of knowing if the issues/bugs are in any way related to Python at all.

Then why would you start by asking this?

Just report your bugs on gitlab or in a separate topic here and someone will be able to confirm if they are bugs or if they are reported already.


If you have to work on a PC that has to run windows 7, and you need to run KiCad 6, then I would suggest to run linux with KiCad 6 on virtualbox with shared folders.

This is not efficient at all, but it doesn’t require any changes on the windows 7 side.

Having said that, it’s long overdue to migrate away from windows 7. (I’m intentionally not stating where to migrate to)

Any business that forces the use of Windows 7, should have those PCs isolated from the Internet and no way a user should be able to install KiCad 6 or a VM
Anything else is reckless

Home users not wanting to buy a new PC can try dual booting the Linux distribution of their choice, a VM on an old PC is going to be slow.

What really reckless is in having Windows 7 PC connected to net and used for communication only?

Probably over a dozen of exploits and vulnerabilities that are never to be fixed.
An unmaintained, network-connected OS will be an easy target for intruders.
Old OS also mean old verions of key applications like web Browsers, which make the issue even greater.

you never heard of a botnet?

also, I hope you never “communicate” anything like a credit card number, or type in the password to your email account.

I have heard, but…
I have BOSCH 25+ years old fridge with freezer. I am really surprised it is still working. The only problem is the hinges made of plastic and a bit worked. I see no idea in replacing it with new one (probably not so durable).
Why should it be different with computers if their efficiency is enough for me?
Soon all fridges will also be computers and connected to net. Do you suggest people should throw out it only because it has old OS in it?
If there are possibilities for exploits and vulnerabilities then I think something was wrongly decided at the far beginning. If someone puts convenience above safety, it is his responsibility to lead to this situation. Why should I care about it.
I care about the planet thinking about the future of mankind. From my point of view, any piece of equipment should be used as long as possible and repaired rather than thrown away.

Using this computer we “communicate” (only between us) critical files but I crypt them at computer not connected to net. Even the system I use for it is based on symmetrical cryptology after crypting file at my side I am not able to decrypt it. The only one who can do it is the recipient, but he can get the right key only once.

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When was the last time you used your fridge to log into your bank account?
And when was the last time you used your pc to do that?

Difference is in the attack surface. If the fridge for whatever reason is connected to the internet and a hacker manages to get control of it, the worst he can do is make your eggs go bad.
On the other hand if they get control of your computer they can do a whole lot more damage.

Using an insecure OS is same as leaving your house door wide open. You are taking a gamble that nobody will try to rob you or sneak in and slowly steal your food or just move your furniture a tiny bit every night to make you go crazy. And yes, all of those things happen in information security world. Well, not literally, but their equivalent.

Some people also have a mistaken attitude that “I don’t have anything to hide” and “there are no important files, I don’t care if they are lost”.

This is almost OK if you

  • never use any passwords there (or services which require a passord) and
  • don’t do any communication with other people there and
  • use heavy virus protection and firewall which are kept up to date
  • or otherwise really know what you are doing.

The truth is that loosing the data by being encrypted or deleted is just one thing which can happen, or your own data stolen. Much more dangerous is stealing other people’s data, like

  • communication and contact information which is on your computer
  • passwords to external services.

Yes, even your passwords belong to other people in a way, because they can be used to attack to external services.

And as was said, your computer can be used in a botnet, doing illegal and harmful things to other people without you knowing it. It has nothing to do with your data.

Not caring about this is just reckless. It’s not enough that your own data is backed up, safe, encrypted, insensitive, or unimportant.

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Fortunately logging and any operation need to be confirmed in second channel.
I think that (just from the beginning) there just should be no possibilities left.
But in that subject you are right. May be I should spend some money and buy Windows 10 computer. But those Windows 7 (second hand) we bought only 4 years ago. They have 500% efficiency we need.

I am writing about future (or may be current) fridges that can order products for you. So probably the user had to write there his credit card or other data (logging to account) allowing the fridge to pay in his name. I suppose people thoughtlessly will provide that information.
I have heard also that there are already applications (don’t know names) that can logon automatically to user account so people had to provide all enough information. What I am most surprised is that when banks started to block that possibility they were accused of blocking competition and lost. I haven’t heard anything more stupid then when bank does some steps to better protect users money than it is said to be bad.

I’m pretty sure you can still upgrade your windows 7 to 10 for free.

Except KiCad I am using some internet shops. When I order something I always pay for it. Typically when after 15s I am get back from bank account to their page I see at once that my order just got status “paid and to be executed”. I assume that if someone orders to be paid on delivery then it is their task and they have some way to verify if such order is true one. If they don’t have system they believe in it than they just should not allow for such orders.
With these assumptions I don’t see what wrong someone can do in this process.

you sound like a weird dude

Assume that in the following text I can be wrong in every word because I just know very little about it.
I have heard that Windows 7 is normal OS but Windows 10 is closer to service and not OS and we don’t know if we wont that change.
We have bought several DELL computers with some distributor (may be OEM is the right shortcut here) version of Widows 7. I understand it that there are some information written in their hardware that identifies them to Windows 7 and activates it at once after it is installed (no keys need be written, no internet connection needed - not sure). We don’t consider looking for Windows 10 distribution being able to be installed on them. W only consider buying next computers with Windows 10.

Do you understand that when a hacker gets into your computer everything, including your credit card information, is compromised?

Can you say more clearly which is strange about what I wrote? I try to write as short as possible, giving only basic information.

Where from he can get my credit card information? I don’t pay in internet with credit card (with any other card) as I assume it is not save. I only pay with fast payments I assume safety level the same as logging to bank (second channel used).

Normal Win7 to Win10 upgrade is not free ATM. There was a way to upgrade, but it’s been more than 2years ago and it’s now not applicable.
Even if Win10 will activate with Win7 key.

Now Win10 is just a regular, fully functional desktop OS. Nothing to worry about.

It can be used for a bot net, for things like DDoS attacks.

It can be used to track when you open the fridge. With that a hacker can know some timestamps where at least one person is at home and awake. If you open the fridge every morning and evening, they could find out when do you wake up and when you get home. If you don’t open the fridge for a few days, you are probably in holidays. If you are a valuable target, like having enough valuable things at home, this would be a perfect time for thief to visit your house (to be fair, this does not apply to most people, since the value of our stuff is not worth the risk of stealing).

If they have access to many fridges in one region, they could sell information about some of your habits to advertiser.

Don’t connect your fridge to the internet. Except you are a company that requires it and you know how to maintain it and keep the software up to date. But don’t do it as a private person where the benefit/risk ratio is bad.