Why polygon not support arc, any improvement plan on it?

I check and found the arc is not supported to definition on a polygon of a zone, it make a lot of vertices points for the filled zones and enlarge design’s size and slow down the zone’s data opperation. Any plans of making the polygon in database to support arc in V7? :-)

It is partly implemented. The file format supports arcs in polygons. However, there’s no way to edit them through the UI, and only roundabout ways to create them. They are translated to straight segments when you try to edit them.

Also, KiCad doesn’t support arcs in filled zones. The filling algorithm creates straight lines around arc shapes.

When exporting the PCB to e.g. gerbers, arcs are translated to straight lines.

There’s at least one related issue: Real arcs (circular segments) in gerber export (#4651) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab.

See V6 feature Arcs in Polygons.

It’s not perfect way to do it but, it’s how I do it…

For a Filled Arc (Zone, Pad, other) Create an Arc as a guide for Tracing… I use a Hot-Key to turn Off Snapping to grid.

ADDED: Changed arc to Cu.F layer and exported Gerber.
Note: Viewing item’s on the Computer is not the same as real-life in that the Straight lines are not well seen on actual PCB for small arc’s, such as in Pad’s… they’re too small to worry about (for me…)


Gerber view

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If you get a contract for commercial support for KiCad, then you also get a say into priority development:


From their website:

Thank you and now I know on it. :handshake:

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