Why Choose KiCad over Eagle?

  • Because CERN with some Polish dudes on its payroll saved KiCAD from oblivion and even gave it an edge with the interactive/shovel routing.
  • Because it eventually got a usable (“accelerated”) “toolset”.
  • Because the recent (as of today) “unstable” builds no longer crash every couple of mouse clicks like the “stable” ones do.
  • Because you can eventually have some form of link between the schematics and the layout, without going through netlist file export/import all the time
  • Because Cadsoft have never had satisfactory licence upgrade offer, even for long-term, paying customers and now it is no more anyway
  • Because every suggestion of paying a “subscription” licence is met with middle finger before it even reaches frontal cortex

I could list as many reasons for NOT choosing KiCAD over EAGLE but I’ll save those for adequately named thread :slight_smile:


+davidsrsb Re ‘doesn’t earn revenue’ …
Perhaps you could get your Legal guys’n’gals to kick your beancounters’ asses…
Product liability/mandatory product-support terms apply?
Alternatively, the case can be made that it saves the company money to be able to reuse old design artifacts, vs. rewriting them from scratch…


QED: Send the fabs the pcb file every time, since you’re then obviously a hobbyist, ergo your board is inferior potassium and not worth their while to copy :slight_smile:


I generally ignore, or (more often) protest loudly, people’s suggestions that anything be migrated toward my backside :frowning:



is the efficient use of the left hand for keyboard commands

I would gently point out that assumes one has a left hand. I do not. I have a small enough stub I can hit most keys, but I am considering making a custom keyboard for when I use Kicad.

But - if I had a left hand, I would agree with you.

(Of course, you could join my club :^)