Why Choose KiCad over Eagle?

  • Because CERN with some Polish dudes on its payroll saved KiCAD from oblivion and even gave it an edge with the interactive/shovel routing.
  • Because it eventually got a usable (“accelerated”) “toolset”.
  • Because the recent (as of today) “unstable” builds no longer crash every couple of mouse clicks like the “stable” ones do.
  • Because you can eventually have some form of link between the schematics and the layout, without going through netlist file export/import all the time
  • Because Cadsoft have never had satisfactory licence upgrade offer, even for long-term, paying customers and now it is no more anyway
  • Because every suggestion of paying a “subscription” licence is met with middle finger before it even reaches frontal cortex

I could list as many reasons for NOT choosing KiCAD over EAGLE but I’ll save those for adequately named thread :slight_smile:


+davidsrsb Re ‘doesn’t earn revenue’ …
Perhaps you could get your Legal guys’n’gals to kick your beancounters’ asses…
Product liability/mandatory product-support terms apply?
Alternatively, the case can be made that it saves the company money to be able to reuse old design artifacts, vs. rewriting them from scratch…


QED: Send the fabs the pcb file every time, since you’re then obviously a hobbyist, ergo your board is inferior potassium and not worth their while to copy :slight_smile:


I generally ignore, or (more often) protest loudly, people’s suggestions that anything be migrated toward my backside :frowning:



is the efficient use of the left hand for keyboard commands

I would gently point out that assumes one has a left hand. I do not. I have a small enough stub I can hit most keys, but I am considering making a custom keyboard for when I use Kicad.

But - if I had a left hand, I would agree with you.

(Of course, you could join my club :^)


To the Altium comment: it is not available on Mac OS … KiCad is!


And ALL my designs from 25 years ago are in McCAD PCB. Still around, but from what i see hardly evolved, and it would cost me $1500 to buy back into it, despite the fact that i bought it, twice in the past.

Those designs are just gone.

Librarians worry about our future books and docs, with good reason. Who will have Office 2017 in 2090?



It’s just better and there are too many reasons to it.


I lived in Lacey in the early 90’s. If y’all had been around I would have loved to join. (I am currently a member of two makerspaces.) Next time I’m in the NorthWet with the time, I am planning in visiting.

There are now a number of good youtube videos about how to use kicad. This is a good starting point
(I am not affiliated with the guy - other than meeting him at kicon.)

How about a report of your experience getting the makerspace to adopt kicad?


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