Which is the Option to fixed PCB Edge cut board size(100*100)

Hey guys, can someone please tell me from where I will fix PCB Edge cut board size(100*100) before placement of components?

Draw a 100x100mm (rounded down to the grid) square in the Edge Cuts layer and move components as necessary to fall within it.


Thank you so much @kenyapcomau.I will do exactly what you told.

This question is so basic that it looks like you haven’t gone through any tutorial. Unfortunately the “official” Getting Started with KiCad tutorial is a bit outdated with respect to v5.1. Rene has written a more up-to-date tutorial in Tutorial: Introduction to PCB design with KiCad version 5.1 (Getting Started). Go through it and many of your questions will be answered.


thank you so much for sharing tutorial link @eelik.
Actually I followed youtube tutorials till now.Its not that much in detail for kicad version 5.1.

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