Where's the Molex male connectors?

Hi in the library, there are so many different kinds of connectors that i can’t find which ones represent the family of 2.54mm mollex sockets.
For example what is the name of the symbol that represents this:

A symbol that corresponds to a standard mollex or jrc footprint.

All connectors are represented by generic symbols with the name conn_RRxPP (RR is the number of rows and PP the number of pins per row) within the official library.
There are symbol variations representing parts with mounting or shield pins.
For multi row parts there are options for the different pin numbering styles.

You place the symbol and then assign the footprint that represents your connector. However not every possible connector has a footprint in the official library. We only have assets for parts that somebody cared to contribute in the quality we need for them to be incorporated. So it might be that you need to create footprints or symbols for your components.

In Eeschema the connector symbols are pretty simple and generic (and I’m OK with that).

In Pcbnew there are at least 44 different libraries for connectors, inclusive a whole library just for connectors from Molex.

Molex is not a connector type, but a brand name, and the Molex library has multiple connector types.
I suspect there are some 150 different kinds of connectors in those libraries altogether, and some go from a single pin up to … a lot of pins.

For me it’s sometimes a bit of a struggle to find the right connector in there, and sometimes I think about making a PCB with one connector of each type, and with silk screen text of the library name and/or connector type name.

An overview like that will give you a quick answer to what all these connectors look like (if they have 3D models), and their relative pitch and size. (therefore, using a 10 pin connector as example for each connector type seems logical). Maybe 5 pins for the high current connectors such as the Phoenix_MC.
It probably should be split in 3 (SMT, THT & High Current), to make the size of the PCB fit on a normal piece of paper, so a 1:1 printout can be used as a first shift for connector selection.
This will also be an instant overview for which connector types 3D models are available.

@Rene_Poschl I believe you’re a mayor in KiCad’s library management. If I made a PCB with such an overview of connectors, would you consider it useful enough to be made a part of KiCad’s “Demo” projects?

Ok thanks.
If you choose this connector, there won’t be any problems? The holes will fall in front of the legs of the 3 pin mollex male socket (2,54mm):

There is no correlation between how the connector looks in the schematic, (symbol) and how the connector looks on the PCB (Footprint).

The only information extracted from the schematic is:

  • RefDes (& timestamp) for identification
  • Pin numbers and Netlist connection.
  • Footprint name.

So in Eeschema you can use a simple generic connector symbol, and you can use the Footprint browser to match the generic schematic symbol with a Footprint for the actual connector.

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Sorry for all the silly questions. A few years ago, i had started on kicad, following a house move, i had totally given up. I’m trying to get back on it, but it’s like i’m starting from scratch again. :neutral_face:

I had forgotten that you have to assign footprints to components symbol with CV PCBs . :grin:

I meant JST, not JRC.
The molex 3 pin are in the print library, i didn’t see them…
Since i found them.

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