When will Kicad 5 be available?


All dates on Launchpad are ISO format YYYY-MM-DD. The date in question now reads 2018-01-27… it does say “The target date is tentative” at the top. IOW the date is just a guess.


It is intuitively obvious to the casual observer that there are MANY people here on the Forum waiting with eager anticipation, counting down the days like a kid with an Advent calendar in December. Not quite like when I was 23 and counting the days to my wedding, but sort of like that.



Ubuntu PPA Nightlies are stalled, thanks to Meltdown and Spectre.
This doesn’t help testing for v5


Ouch. Hopefully with patches coming out they’ll be up again soon.


Hope so, we have already seen a burst of Windows problems found when Windows builds were restored


If I am not mistaken, as of yesterday the last issue in github for KiCad 5 libraries was solved. Is there anything else to do in the libraries before tagging them? Symbols? Footprints? 3D? Templates?

Also from what I’ve seen in launchpad, only two bug reports are missing a commited fix for 5.0.0-rc1. Things look like are starting to line up.


You may be right, but I’m wondering where you are looking to make that determination?


Milestones in the corresponding repos. Not sure if this milestones are correctly mantained or up to date. That is why I prepended:


Sure, I suspected I was missing something, and it turned out I was. I’ve literally never clicked on the Milestones button so I learned something new there :slight_smile:

It does say 100%… but a lot of stuff doesn’t get updated.


This is the symbols repo. Not the kicad source repo.

The kicad source stuff is on launchpad. (So you would need to look on the launchpad bugtracker for that information)

And a bit of additional information: I did not know about milestone things. Which means that thing is not maintained for the library repos. (As i am the guy who would be responsible to maintain this ;))


I think it is quite nice to have and use but managing it requires some time and patience. I wouldn’t mind updating issues with tags and updating the milestones when told so as I already track the progress of most of the issues related to this project but I don’t have the permissions to do so.


The mass file renaming is helping generate about 10 source commits a day. As some of these create new bugs, V5 really needs to wait for this to finish.
I am also feeling that the library change is not 100% yet


I assume you talk about the symbol/footprint libs.
If so then you are correct about that. Especially as there are at least two ideas that might make the lib even better. (Both would require massive changes that can not be done during a minor release cycle)
Otherwise the lib looks already good enough for a release candidate (Not the final version 5 release but a beta pre release could be made.)


New users, 4.0.7 users migrating to recent Nightly and Nightly users updating are all appearing on the forum with symbol recovery problems too often. I know a few bugs have been fixed recently


It’s been 2 months since the v5 feature freeze, and there has been a significant uptick in patch activity and bug reports. It will probably be a few weeks before that settles down.


I’ve decided to switch to nightlies today. I am facing issues with symbol recovery although I was already using the new libs :rolling_eyes:.


I opened an old project a couple of days ago. Again, no luck with recovery. I always have ended up changing symbols manually one by one. And I still don’t know what “remapping” is because that item in the menu is grayed out in my project.

FOSDEM is going on, no news about a RC?


Look at the beginning of the .pro file. There is a list of symbol libraries, that doesn’t match recent Nightly installations.
No problems with a fresh install and a new project. I see migrating old projects as the main headache before release


Oh yes, FOSDEM that explains why it is so quiet! Live streaming page https://fosdem.org/2018/schedule/streaming/

Wayne is on next :slight_smile:


Reporting live from Fosdem, Wayne is entering the stage