What does the margin layer do

in the pcbnew, i noticed the margin layer, when i check the help file, it only tell me this is for a setback outline. i also check some demo file in the kicad fold, but i found they also don’t use the margin layer, only use the edge. Cuts layer. so what purpose this layer is for?

Edge. Cuts
This layer is reserved for the drawing of circuit board outline. Any element (graphic, texts…) placed on this layer appears on all the other layers. Use this layer only to draw board outlines.

Board’s edge setback outline (?).

There will be a keep out margin around the board edge. Copper too near the edge may be torn when the board is routed out.


during industrial production we need a “margin” around the layout for handling and fixation during:

Flying Probe
Insertion into housing
Isolation in metal housings

usually this is set to around 3mm free space

thank for all your help, according to the below link and my test. i think margin layer is totally useless in current kicad

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