Using KiBuzzard

How do I use KiBuzzard? From the plug in and content it shows that I have it installed but I can’t figure out how to use it. From what I have been reading on the forum I have to have Python installed but when i look at the windows store there are several visions witch vision do need?

Open pcb editor, press this:


This says that the plugin is installed, but…


I don’t have the icon that you show and when I go into preferences

I tried the folder icon at the bottom it opens file explorer, I can navigate to the plugin, but it doesn’t install anything.

which version & OS ?
it’s happening to me too with other plugins, (interactive html bom, replicate layout) using nightly-6.99 under Linux Ubuntu 22.04, KiCad 6.10 instead is working ok.

I am using 6.0.10 on windows 10

in my case i suspect something unrelated to the topic and with deeper roots:
when i try to open the python console i get


In Kicad go to menu, Preferences → Configure paths… and look up variable KICAD6_3RD_PARTY. Open that path in explorer and go into plugins, you should see KiBuzzard there. If it’s not there then uninstall and install again from plugin manager.

What you see is likely artifact of buggy OS upgrade or you having wxpython installed from pip. This is discussed more in this topic No Plugin Icon in PCB Editor after installation (part 2)

Basically your wxpython installation is borked.

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thanks qu1ck, it was like that,
once removed wxpython with pip, i can see the external plugins.

When I installed KiCAD I did change the path because it had defaulted to my OneDrive documents folder so I moved it to a local folder.

I uninstalled then reinstalled KiBuzzard and the icon appeared.