Update Plugins to latest version in PCM


I just noticed that I only get the latest version of certain plugins via Plugin and Content Manager (PCM) if I uninstall and then reinstall the packages. Is this intended? or is there some timed updates going on? in my opinion the PCM should keep the plugins up to date on its own or should at least offer some kind of update button, is there something like this planned (or maybe implemented in 6.99)?

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The PCM does have a [Refresh] button in the lower left corner (on my Linux box, button order may depend on your OS).

Does this refresh the plugins tho? In my case I had a plugin which stayed at version 1.0.2 even after pressing refresh while version 1.0.5 was already available (confirmed after reinstalling the plugin).

Oops, my bad, at the moment my guess is that button only refreshes the list of available plugins.

There has been a merge request which as apparently also been merged, but I have not looked at further details.

The current development nightly builds (version 6.99) have included a new auto update functionality for the plugins installed using PCM Post-v6 new features and development news - #66 by craftyjon. It will be included in the upcoming v7 release, and is not planned to be included in any 6.0 release currently.


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