Up-Versioning Issues, v4, "nightlies", v5

An other option if you don’t like the mailing list approach, is the chat

I see your config.sys and raise you autoexec.bat.


Hello once again, Maui:

Thanks, I have not tried the IRC chat yet but I am on the Dev mailing list now and helping Eelik with some editing.

I am looking at getting StepUp installed and running and, from Sourceforge’s credits, I now see that you are the guru (Maurice = Maui) behind StepUp.

So … before I try to use StepUp in conjunction with FreeCAD, I think I should ask a simple question: What is the current state of integration of StepUP and the ‘nightly builds’ / prequel to KiCad v5? Is it safe to install the current release of StepUP, and do you think there will be any up-versioning of StepUP before (or concurrent with…) a stable v5 is released?

Be aware that those are the guys writing the tool and as per my note in the other thread you might need to thread very very carefully to get useful conversations, as has been pointed out, that’s the list where work that has been done is discussed. This means people who did invest time and lots of thoughts go to, to get some feedback on what they have made.
Some newcomer that ‘just has ideas’ and ‘doesn’t like what’s on offer’ no matter what - and that’s in the nature of the thing - has some ‘creed’ problem.
So good luck.

What is the current state of integration of StepUP and the ‘nightly builds’ / prequel to KiCad v5?

Just install StepUp using FC0.17 or FC0.18 Addons Tools Menu. StepUp is fine both for k v4 or v5.
Please have a look at StepUp cheat sheet for a faster start.

Thanks, Maui, I am onto this now…
I’ve got FreeCAD with StepUP running now…an impressive bit of kit, I must say :slightly_smiling_face:
Just have to get the configuration right, as I am not sure where it just saved my files!:crazy_face:

have a look at
pg.1 cap.4: Configure StepUp tools.
Moreover when you export something, KSU would tell you the path of the file.
The forum is also a good resource for tips on using the tools.

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Thanks, Maui: After the :crazy_face: moment, I did find those notes in the Cheat Sheet and opened the ‘ksu-config.ini’ file using Notepad ++ (MS Notepad just produced an incomprehensible stream of characters) and configured the paths. I have not spent much time on KSU yet, but hope to do so shortly.
Here’s one question that already came to mind: As FreeCAD doesn’t seem to have any ability to import Solidworks’ proprietary file format (*.sldprt), if I use Solidworks to create my models then I would suppose that STEP2014 is the best way to export them for subsequent processing in KSU. Is that right?

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