Unusual Symbol Appeared, Can't Deleted it, Can't Identify It

I’m manually routing a board, and suddenly while doing some mouse clicks rapidly, a mysterious symbol appeared on my layout. image of the mystery symbol. It’s a white circle with an “X” through the centre. It stays approximately the same size on the screen, no matter the zoom level.

I thought it was some kind of DRC marker, but clearing the markers didn’t change anything.
As the title says, I can’t delete it. I can’t edit it’s properties. I can’t move it. It’s stuck there.

What is it, and how can I get rid of it?


My setup:

I’m running version 4.0.2-stable, release build
wxWidgets 3.0.2 Unicode and Boost 1.57.0
Mac OS X (Darwin 15.5.0 x86_64) 64 bit

That’s the grid origin marker:


Ctrl-F “Grid Origin”

Default shortcut is “S + click” so you probably hit that when you went to save the PCB…


if I remember correctly it should be auxiliar origin…
the only way I found to remove it was editing kicad_pcb file in a text editor and just removing the line with aux origin… do a backup first…

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Okay, thanks. The symbol was “grid_origin” in the PCB file. But I didn’t have to edit it, since the screen Sparky pointed out will “erase” it if you click “Reset Grid Origin”. However, in the process of experimenting, I now have accidentally added another un-deletable symbol - the aux_axis_origin. I can’t find any menu where one can reset it. I suppose I can just move it off to the side for now.


Ah… if you “place” the aux_axis_marker at ( 0, 0 ), it disappears.

Just to document the mapping between the variable name in the file and how it’s named in the GUI:

aux_axis_origin = Origin Point for Drill and Place files,
grid_origin = Set the Origin Point for the Grid.