Unconnected net not listed by DRC

Hi everyone I have a problem with the DRC in PcbNew. the indicator of how many connections are left gives me a sign that I left 2 pads unconnected. Yet the DRC sees nothing wrong.

I also looked up close on all pads to be sure I didn’t make a mistake.

Does anyone here have the solution for this ?



What version of KiCad are you currently using?

ON EDIT: The answer may well depend on the version used.

I’m running KiCad 4.0.7 on windows xp 32 bit.

Note: I recommend upgrading to Version 5; but be aware that the upgrade may not be painless.

Using V4:
Changing the Canvas from OGL to Legacy and back to OGL often fixed this issue for me. Depress F9, then F11, to achieve this result.

I’m already downloading V5 thanks for mentioning the maybe upcoming problem :slightly_smiling_face:

The upgrade issues are going to depend upon many variables; it might be fairly easy, or it might really suck.

Still, V5 is, in my opinion, worth the effort to get sorted out and create new designs with.

I will surely try to get it working !

KiCad V5 should be stable and work just fine…

There might be issues with the libraries…

I made the libraries local so Kicad does not have to fetch them from Github. Because I’m behind a proxy.
I don’t know if this will affect your statement.

Or does V5 also have different libraries ?

V5 no longer uses Git; but the V4 Git are still compatible (i think).

ON EDIT: Library Downloads for KiCad 5.0

V5 works awesome I had no problems opening my project and everything is there even the custom libraries.

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I’m curious if your DRC issue is now fixed?

By now I know you have updated to V5.
DRC is independent of Unconnected test.
If you spread all footprints without any track routed, the DRC will find no errors and plenty of unconnected pads.

Sometimes we see the track on the pad and it is connected by copper but not logically connected since the track didn’t reach the center of the pad.

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It sure is :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know Pedro that is why I was looking for unconnected pads by the eye when the DRC did not pick up anything.

If you knew how the DRC works, I now understand your question.
It was the status bar showing 2 pads unconnected and not the DRC window!

A known bug in 4.0.7

The status bar unconnected count is not as reliable as the DRC test for unconnected. If it would be calculated the same way then it would take up too much processing power.
That is why this status bar entry has been renamed in v5. (It is now called unrouted instead of unconnected.) The behaviour will still be the same in v5 as it was in v4. In most cases restarting pcb_new will reinitialize the count in the status bar. Resulting in DRC and this count agreeing with each other.

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That’s handy to know, thanks @Rene_Poschl !

That was indeed my problem @pedro

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