Two 3.3V different sources

I need two 3.3V different sources (3.3V_DSP and 3.3V_HIL), but I can’t edit source symbols because Kicad doesn’t recognize it like source after editing. What can I do?

In KiCad V7 and earlier, the (global) net name of power symbols is derived from the pin name, and not from the symbol name, so you also have to change the (hidden) pin name of the symbol.

In the (coming) KiCad V8 this has been fixed. You can now just put a power symbol on the schematic and change it’s name in the schematic, and it becomes another net.

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some counterquestions:

  • which version do you use?
  • what do you mean with “but I can’t edit source symbols”:
    • edited value of power symbol in schematic? → not possible in v7
    • edited the symbol in symbol editor, but could not save the symbol? → the original delivered kicad libraries are write protected and should not be changed (or enhanced)

general advice: look at documentation: Schematic Editor | 7.0 | English | Documentation | KiCad, section power symbols.
You have to create one power symbol for every different power source.
Observe the extra section libraries–>" Creating Power Symbols".

It needs to edited from symbol library. If you use ‘edit symbol’, then if works locally. Not work from new schema. Post V7 shows warning about this.

It is not fixed, but more like “changed behaviour” since this more usable.

I used this in one of my projects. I changed the symbol name in the schematic, and that works, which is nice. After loading the symbol with the modified name into the symbol editor, I saw that the old name was still present in the pin name, and that is a bit *&^%$#@. So I agree. It’s not “fixed” but it is “improved”.

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