Track won't touch a pad

I’m trying to use this footprint but I can’t get tracks to connect to pads. I messed around with clearance but still couldn’t get it to connect. I can get it to visually connect when seen in the 3D viewer if I decrease track width, get as close as possible to the pad, and then increase track width, but PCBNew doesn’t think it’s connected and it’s not really a solution. Any ideas?

Until the more intelligent people show up, let me ask a question. Under the pad is two yellow lines that form a corner. The blue silkscreen lines come partway up and then overlap the yellow. Is it possible the footprint defined part of the silkscreen layer as an edge cut? This is assuming default colors. Edge cut is yellow in my setup. I don’t know the set rules but if you are trying to go past ‘the edge’ the router might not like that.

Thanks for the reply. I am not sure how to check how the edge of the footprint is defined, but I can’t go around the yellow either. And yes, my colors are default and yellow is edge cuts, so you may be onto something. When I start the track on that pin it doesn’t let me leave the pin, even to go under the connector to another pin.

Could it be your grid settings? Experimentally set your grid to a fine value such as 0.01 mm.

Also…under Route try experimenting with your interactive router settings. I am also not an expert with this…

This didn’t solve my issue but it did uncover more information. Under Route I turned on Highlight Collisions and got this.

Cannot see for certain; are both pins connected to net +28V?

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Yes, both are connected. I’ve also tried other pins. I just realized that this specific footprint is stored as a .mod, so maybe that has something to do with it? I’m not sure how to properly fix that though.

I am using a recent nightly build, and the footprints are all XXX.kicad_mod

When I go to my footprint libraries they’re all shown as being in .pretty files except this one

Please go to help-about and copy-post your version information. I have .pretty folders with kicad_mod files within it.

You could try allowing DRC violations and see if that is the problem. If not, try and connect the two grounds and see if that works. The pad looks funky. Lots of ‘shapes’ to it the way it is rendered.

“Funky” is a technical term. :slight_smile:

I fixed the problem, and the solution was one of the two things I did. First, I figured out how to make a proper library for my footprints and parts. Previously I had just downloaded kicad_mod files and imported them from PCBNew, but now I have a .pretty file full of kicad_mod files and I got Mouser’s Library Loader software to handle the libraries for me. Second, I changed the footprint to one from Mouser which, while it has circular through holes that don’t make sense, is actually compatible with PCBNew.

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This might be of help if you have not already read it: Tutorial: How to make a footprint in KiCad 5.1.x (From scratch)?

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This “funky” stuff seems like a round-corner bug of 5.1.4, and that would confirm “Edge.cuts” collission. You can toggle “Show pads in outline mode” (left toolbar) to see what’s underneath it.

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I edited the footprint and the yellow was EcoUser2. Either way I changed to a different footprint and now it works

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