Towards better BOM management


Hi all,

Just found this thread, and thought you may be interested in the BoM tool I have been working on.

Source is available here:

Currently the CLI version is stable, I’m working on a GUI version which is not complete yet.

There are a number of features which I have found lacking in both the default BOM scripts and some others I have found online. If anyone likes what I’ve done, please feel free to contribute. I have designed this to be very user-configurable (although there is only a small number of options available currently).


All efforts are well appreciated. Just make sure you consider the ‘tab’ as a separator when exporting the values. Outside the US the comma is used to separate the integer part of a number from the decimals. Weird results like 4 (next column) 7uF.


Is ^^^THIS^^^ the current recommend method?


IMHO yes, if not it should be


Just a heads up, this table is currently in the nightly version of kicad, in case someone has missed it.


KiBoM can export to TSV which avoids this issue. Also any delimiters that appear in the data are escaped by quoting the entire string.


At first I made a simple tool to manage my BOM as they were going too complex to manage them from a single spreadsheet, I recently upgraded it to be a full BOM management tool.

You can have a look on it at
This version is fully usable but note that it’s still under development so everything is not yet available.

You can manage a database of parts with associated footprints and maintain your BOM from this part catalog. I plan to extend it to enable a KiCost like functionality.