Thread derailment flagging or other oddities

Reading through this thread, it seems to me that the topic went off on a tangent here, as it really has nothing to do with KiCost per se.

For this specific instance and also for future reference: Is there a way within the Forum editor to send this tangential thread to a different topic?

from my POV there is several options you (or anyone else) can go about this, in order of most sensical:

  1. flag the thread or post where it starts to derail, so all moderators will get a message about this
  2. send a PM to a moderator (or ping them like you did here, by replying to one of us or mention our name with an @ in the front :wink:
  3. create a thread about the situation under the meta/community category and involve others (like I did right now as it was already in the public and you surely don’t want to derail the org-thread even further :wink:
    This naturally is the preferred option if you want to involve other community members, so would be first choice in that case.

Way more important then would be to tell exactly WHAT is wrong, as at the moment I’m at a loss (*) where the deviation happened here and what should be forked/moved… :thinking:

*) I don’t open every new thread or reply here each day, nor can I keep up with all threads… this was possible like 2 years ago, but not any more. So please bear with me and the other moderators and help us help you.

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