Thoughts on other categories?

Discourse forums recommend you wait until you’re in a few months to start making categories. I was wondering if the community thought there should be other categories that would be worthwhile. This is not a guarantee that any will be added, just an initial look at what might be useful.

One suggestion would be to split out “footprints” and “layout” which currently fall under the same category normally.

3D visualisation is a possibility


Certainly “Footprints and Libraries” would be useful, likely to change less often than general chatter, but have some great nuggets

A good example of pure gold is the work by @felixq here

I think a script category would be helpful, right now there are a couple of thread related to that.


Maybe as add-ons and modifications category

Another category could be faq and/or howto, which could help reduce the same questions been asked repeatedly.