This is what the footprint editor should look like

This looks great. But I have one question. Instead of developing something what’s live outside KiCad, do you think about integrating it into KiCad ? Because that so many great things like this are for KiCad a lot but they live outside it. Yes, it is a much more work but KiCad community worth it, it is a great function.

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this is a really nice feature! would really like to see it in the kicad footprint editor
it could be really nice to make it possible to select the center of the X or Y axis instead of only the outer edges
also the 2 decimal round is not very handy :slight_smile:
very nice job!

The FreeCAD plugin suggested by @s_light would be better than trying to maintain a Javascript browser method in the long term and would fit better with the 3D model STEP import story

just for reference, this approach is now available as a FC WB


Wow, this thread started 3 years ago.
Anyway a parametric way of generating footprints is great

Using FreeCAD is definitely the best way to do it.

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