Talks announced for KiCon 2019


I’m gonna be in Chicago Sunday :frowning: If anybody is still around I’ll be happy to meet up


I actually think it’s too cheap! Anyway, hope you reconsider.


Really looking forward to this. Especially Dave Vandenbout, Uriel Guy, Blake Ramsdell, Piotr Esden-Tempski, Shawn Hymel…

Thanks for putting this together @ChrisGammell!


And never mind Microchip is actually losing money on this event if you include the cost of the venue, catering, copious booze, employee preparation and travel and other costs involved with the event.


Enough about logistics, what about the TALKS? :slight_smile:

Are there any topics people are pining to see? Any final talks we should sneak in?


A discussion about effective directory structures for local libraries. I suspect that “effective structure” is somewhat different for:

  • Amateur designers & hobby users (probably a single user)

  • A small company or design team (handful of designers, with a need to collaborate)

  • Medium or larger corporate entity (a dozen or more designers, possibly subject to networked computers, firewalls, etc)

This topic may lap over into discussions of adding extra fields to symbols.


  • Your Manufacturer Is Stupid - Help Them

  • State of KiCad - v5.1 and Beyond!


How can we convince part manufacturers to release a kicad library part along with their datasheets?

John Eaton


Wow, that is an impressive list of talks! Since I can’t attend (not due to cost, the ticket price is quite a bargain), thank you very much for making them available after the conference.


I have been on the periphery of large conventions - worldcon, westercon, and many local cons. If this is a convention center (vs a hotel) the venue charges big bucks. Plus, this is Chicago, so the Unions are involved. Say you want a power feed to a booth. That is a union gig. You cannot plug a cord into the floor receptacle without a union guy doing it. $100+ just for that one thing. Get pissy about it, and the union will WALK AWAY and your show is over. (The unions also have the keys to the breaker box, so you cannot even DIY if they walk. And they have mean junk-yard-dog lawyers.)

short version: for this, $100 for a 2-day event is quite reasonable. The organizers are hoping they have enough people just to break even.

(For a hotel-based convention, if you meet particular room-night goals, you get the hotel room for a reduced price or even free. If a con is short 5…10 room-nights (or whatever the math dictates), the con will just rent the empty rooms because it saves them big bucks.)


I am doing travel logistics from Nairobi. I need to do an ESTA application. Since I may have to dig up some extended family in the US, does the conf offer a standard address and phone number I can put down on my application.

I currently here:

After reading the inline help decided to go with contact info here:


I simply wrote “unknown”, worked fine



Worked fine for me too. See you all there.