Symbol generator from PDF - uConfig


Holy Moly … I just watched the video … this is very cool! Nice job!!!


Very well tool, a lot of hard work to get it work - I love it. But to be practical, user may end up spending a lot more time to made the correct KSS file than classical manual copy and paste into csv, and run footprint wizard. So if this can be export to csv file with simple and dummy enough rules - user only need to adjust the output csv files. They may rename a lot of pin in there own term. Some FPGA manufacture I know, their tool can export pin into csv files, or can be download form the website. So if your script can also take CSV files and generate symbol with that style - it may be save a lot of time for user.


Thanks !

I do not understand. Can you explain ?

Yes I plan to add CSV and XLS import to create symbol with the same system.


It just a feeling… with regex. But to answer your question, i look into the code, and found my misconception of kss file been use. So kss is not be issue that I had thought. It is great.


Just gave this a spin.
Im totally blown away!


uConfig is now available on snap for linux systems :

Thanks to ppd1990


Hi there,
Installed from the snap store and works amazing. However, an Issue I’ve been having with complex datasheets is the program only scans one page of pins when I have a datasheet spanning 4 pages. Is there a way to remedy this or just make the part by hand?


Hi Lync,
Thanks for trying. The tool does not support multi-page symbol extraction but I will add during this summer. I will take one week full time to improve the datasheet extraction with multi-page capabilities and BGA pin extraction.
Please add some non working datasheets on issue page on github.