Strict limit to local libraries

I see many posts about getting Kicad to accept libraries or footprints. I would like to build a purely local PCB in a way that is more or less sanctioned as correct. When I do an association operation I only want kicad to look at my local footprint file, not load all the footprints in creation. I believe that I could do that by changing the environment variables so that all ENV’s point local, but I wonder if there is a global switch somewhere to do that which is accepted as the right way to do it. This applies as well to schematic symbols. I’d like my board directory to only contain and reference current symbols and footprints that I have downloaded myself into that directory.

Is there a way?

You populate the libraries yourself i.e. you do not have to copy all the provided libs over. KiCAD does make a difference between system and user provided libraries (check your path preferences for their locations) but i only use my own parts (symbols, footprints and 3d models) in the system path and do not use the user path preference.

Pretty much just what I needed, thanks. There were obviously ways of doing it but I wanted to understand the rationale better before just doing whatever.

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