Strange circles in the gerber


Well, here it is and ready to light off.

Only once have I made a board that could not be made to work

I fixed the footprint footprint. The two vertical lines were in the image file I made the footprint from.


So far so good. It runs programs and twiddles bits.

RF section works.

And the motor controller works! This board’s good.


Oh man, I had this problem with a board recently but thought they drew the circles to indicate something and it kept going back and forth with me saying “I don’t see anything wrong in the picture”. They ended up fabbing the boards without silkscreen :confused: .

Will make sure to set the output to 4.5 next time, thanks for this post and the responses!


I often dive in and ask what may be a dumb question figuring if I stumbled over it, others have too.


I know this is very old but in case people have future issues with this weird circle, my problem was that my lines weren’t perfectly connected. I uploaded a DXF file for the edge cuts of my board (weird shape, not your typical rectangle) and I realized that in autocad, my lines weren’t perfectly. connected. After fixing that, the circle went away. Hope this helps.