Strange artifact in Copper Layer when exporting Gerber

I can name quite a few guitarists who would disagree. Granted, the sound will make it obvious… :wink:

I suppose that clipping was implemented to prevent a crash, but you really should not proceed since the last save if this happens.

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This is why I double check visually with “Show Tracks in Outline Mode”; it makes it possible to see the segments in PcbNew.

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@Jano I may have run into this issue on occasion; and I wonder if it has to do with using both imperial and metric settings during the design layout and flipping back and forth between measurement units.

Are you also using both units?

I was meaning more that the offending nodes seemed to be trimmed, as they fail the connected test pass.
ie the strange rats-nest corner, stays there as your route around it, but it is removed on the clean tracks command.

It seems no part of the offending segment displays, but it does trigger an artifact.
(segment (start 174.498 104.013) (end -2147.483648 104.013) (width 0.25) (layer B.Cu) (net 38))

The bogus corner artifact, looks to be bang on that (start 174.498 104.013), but the trace itself, there in the file fails to display. (until gerber plotted) - not sure why that should fail to render, it’s just a line off to the left, in database terms…

Testing that render fail some more, I find -2000 still fails, but if I look for left-most mouse I get ~ -1835, and voila, entering -1830 now does show that vector.
This indicates the display area, is not the same as the database limits ?

Those settings should not change the underlying data tho, merely how the numbers display ?


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