Step file - Top copper layer does not exist


I am trying to create a step file of one of our board. Unfortunately, step file does not contain top copper layer which we has some soldering paths. Our assemble manufacturer need to know exact location of this points using step file( Yes I know there is pick and place file but our board does not have smd componenets on it, It is a empty board where some soldering need to be done on it).

Is it possible to show this copper in step file.

I am using kicad 5.1.10 on win 10.

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Not really, a STEP file does not contain 2D Image data. So far i know, it is impossible for a STEP-file to have 2D Image data.
This location is inside the Gerber and SVG files, maybe he can use one of them?

hello Johannespfister,

Actually, I will try to create step file for that pas that has 0.00001 mm height and place them on that pads.

I will inform if that works.

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Some options:

Export SVG
Export VRML (WRL)
Load PCB into FreeCad via KSU plugin
Load Traces/Pads into FreeCad via KSU plugin

(in FreeCAD, you can ‘Pad’ (stupid word for ‘extrude’) the loaded traces (can pad them to 0.00001 mm, if desired)


Excellent, this is what i am looking for.

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an other option


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