Starting a new project from old

No, that means that if you don’t check the code and the internal file format, you cannot exclude issues…
Inside the sheets there are references to hierarchic files, than for sure those would be updated and not only the .pro file.

Doing manually you will be in control of the result, unless you will be ready to check the source each time.

on linux, copy your directory then



can this be done in windows please ?

It can be tested once with one version, but updating the nighly build would of course be problematic. On Windows it’s possible to install a dedicated version for that and keep it. On Linux with updates coming from repositories it would be more difficult if you want to use later nightly builds for other purposes.

Well, there just isn’t a bullet proof and easy way to do it before 6.0, and even then not for v5 projects. Unless someone continues where bobc left with the script, and then we can discuss about difficulties of installing and using script plugins. :slight_smile:

I don’t forget it. I delete it :slight_smile:

For that reason my first suggestion was to use a text editor to manually edit the files… No one can discuss on the difficulties of using a text editor :wink:

Emacs isn’t difficult, vim is. (OK, I’ll stop…)


The save as option must by definition change the files (after all otherwise simple rename would be enough). It will use the file parser as it is implemented in the nighlty version that is used. There is no guarantee that any older version can open such a file.

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Be careful. There are two versions of the rename utility in Linux distros. The one you refer to is installed on Debian and derivatives and takes a RE. The other version only replaces strings.

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So, this seems to be a reasonable request that a hobbyist would make, and there is no way to do it, unless Kicad is aimed at professional users then this NEEDS to be implemented, but Kicad is slowly being used by professionals and that’s thanks to the hobbyist !
Please somebody sort it out!..haha…thanks to all, I think I’m gonna just copy my project (after saving it somewhere else) and go from there. Kicad is a tool I don’t want to no how its made, same way i dont no how a spanner is made.

As was told quite many times, the feature exists in the development version. But it will be released as stable only later.

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this NEEDS to be implemented

BS. Just copy the files and rename three by hand if it bothers you so much.

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@halachal, if you bother to check the bug report you can see that quite many people disagree with you. It was in the top ten of most “heated” wishes. There are probably hundreds of people who want to see the feature for each “this bug affects” vote (knowing how few actually publish their opinions).

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I don’t believe the average user should have to get into the file structure for something like this. It seems simple enough when you know the software well but a new user could easily blow half an hour or more from the time they start looking at menus and proceed to internet searches before getting an answer.

or is it just that it’s been collecting wishes for 9 years? apparently the developers don’t agree it’s so important…

ah @eelik, if YOU’D bother to check the bug report, you’d see a developer had already made my point:

The rename feature is not only useful to hobbyists. One might even argue it is more important to professionals than hobbyists because in a professional environment one needs documentation of “how did we get here”. This will very likely require multiple versions of the same project to be accessible. Each with a standardized name.

Luckily this has already been implemented in the current development version.
However, KiCads release policy ensures that all versions within minor releases are fully interchangeable. They are not allowed new features for this reason. Which explains why this feature will only be released with the next major release. This is however at least a year away.

Till then select one of the workarounds explained in this topic.

Sure, I know that. However, if you check the search I referred to in my post in that bug thread,, you can see that it has been a hot topic continuously. Having an old bug report which gathers votes along time means also that it’s a really wanted feature, not just that it’s old.

You don’t have to need it or use it. Other people do need and use it.

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I have found in version 5.4.1 there is “save copy as” selection and this I used to rename the schematic and the PCB and placed them in a completely new project and It worked fine !! so my original project is safe and I did not have to start again, i’m sorry for stirring this up, its thanks to you guys that I got there and I hope someone else reads this. Maybe the future release will include a button for “start new rev” or something like that

thanks and cheers to all.

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