Standard (github) USB trace-on-PCB footprint available?

I’m working on my 3rd tiny Kicad project right now. All that’s left in Cvpcb is to associate a footprint with my USB connector. I’m trying to do a PCB that plugs straight into a USB port on my PC. It’s a very simple footprint to make myself, but I figured that since I just learned how to leverage the github .pretty repos, I may as well use one for a USB footprint if it exists! Can anyone point me to one that’s on github? Perhaps my google search terms aren’t good enough, but I have yet to find one. Thanks!


you can find an USB pcb footprint at this nice OHL kicad project:
[usbarmory project & files @ github][1]
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Thank you! That looks like a very nice board. I will have to check it out, it is very similar to what I am trying to make myself.

EDIT - I take that back, it is far more complex and powerful than what I am trying to accomplish. :slight_smile:

I finally found this post. I guess I should have been looking for “trace” in google instead of “footprint”.

May be you are missing that you can always extract a footprint from kicad board …
then you can export USB pcb footprint from the armory board to use it for your pcb design

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Ok, I have failed here. I can’t figure out on my own, or find instructions online, on how to extract the footprint from the PCB layout. Can you give me any tips?

So far, I’ve disabled all of the layers so I pretty much can isolate the 4 USB pads (GND, USB_D+, USB_D-, and USB_VBUS). But I cannot select the four pads and export them.

Ok, maybe I accidentally figured it out. It seems that once I loaded the file, there were four footprint libraries that magically appeared. One of them (connectors) had the USB footprint.

Simplest way is to start the Module Editor from pcbnew them do “load module from current board”.

I used this type of footprint recently, I think the source was the Sparkfun libraries possibly converted from Eagle…

-Right click on the footprint
-Edit with footprint editor
then export the footprint and add it to your lib

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