Stack of PCBs for verifications

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Didn’t want to belabor my input but, with some extra time, I thought I’d
wet your appetite - below is result of previously described with addition of a Body containing a ‘Post/Riser’ (the Pad extrusion).

Then, exported from FreeCAD as a Step (done the normal export way, without using StepUp plugin). Then, created a new Footprint and used the Step file…
I could have used StepUp and doing it that way would eliminate the need to scale the model when making the footprint). I like doing it both ways… (sometimes StepUp doesn’t like something and/or does something funky…)

Note: Scale factor = 0.4 (though, some purist’s will point out it should be 0.3xxx. But, that’s less than the difference of One-Human-Hair’s thickness and, for a Graphic, I don’t care about it…)

Thanks @BlackCoffee! Seems you’re familiar with the subject! For my side, I progressed step by step. In Kicad I created my 2 PCBs in .step format. In Freecad (I have version 0.18) I create a new document, I insert a part, then I import my PCBs via “Part-> Import CAD” and I end up with the 2 PCBs in the project:

My problem is that the 2 PCBs stick side by side, how do we separate them?
In your animation, we see a menu with “Import” then a selection of objects, as the top of the image is truncated I don’t see which button corresponds to this choice? Can you shed some light on this part? Thank you.

I found the answer to this myself in the past, but that was for VRML, the sub board is missing a definition block, that prevents it being assigned directly as a footprint 3D model, I used this a fair bit in the past to work out how to fit a 5 PCB project in the same case without having to play around in CAD, as all I needed was a quick visual comparison. I will note back then there was occasional weirdness where the parts would be exported with mm coordinates, but be read as inches, however I believe that is now resolved (another thread in the past where I caused a stir about 3D model unit definitions)

Hope my old thread helps,

First thing to do is get rid of V18 !!! It’s loaded with bugs and incomplete code. I don’t know why they still post it as stable - it never was and, if you look into it enough on their forum, you’ll learn that.

Though V19 is still a pre-release, it’s been the version to use for more than one year.

As I previously said, your using Part, not Part-Design. They are different and coder’s codes don’t always play well together. It might be your problem but, perhaps not.

Beyond that and, perhaps some language/communication (usage of words) may be confusing me or you but, there’s seems little more I can say beyond what I’ve already posted. EXCEPT, If you load a footprint in Kicad, you can Edit it’s position in the footrpint editor’s 3D tab - perhaps that’s all you need to do.

If referring to FreeCAD’s import, just the usual file selection panel opens. But, again, the menus are different between Part and Part-Design.

If referring to moving the PCB’s in FreeCAD, use the panel containing Placement/Postion…

Thank you @BlackCoffee for your patience! So, Freecad 19? The only version available is V0.18.
I use part (not part design) because the import CAD is available.
Update : I found on under “FreeCAD releases page” one file as 7zip, (FreeCAD_0.19.24219_Win-LPv12.1.6_vc14.x-x86-64.7z) there are not installer when unpack that start Freecad :
Now I’ve to install the kicadStepUpMod inside the Mod directory.
I will test with this configuration.

Link to v19 pre

Import from Part-Design imports CAD/other - it just doesn’t say it exactly. … do some homework and testing…

Its on the main site: -> Download Now (scroll down) -> Development release

If you are on linux the appimage is the best option and appimage have an extract option as well. Gentoo now have 0.19 in the main tree

Ok, now I’m on V0.19, I start Freecad as Part design, Create a New empty document, then Add a Part, on Menu Part Design no Import :

Did you use another tool ?

Under File Menu there is Import (Ctrl+I) I load both .step files, same as in V0.18 both are twinned :

How to separate ?

I’m sorry and don’t mean to infer anything - just want to underscore that it’s your responsibility to Explore and Push button and see what things do…

Un-twinning the PCB’s has nothing to do with how you import. Again, use the placement panel in the vid above… time for me to move on…

These are file types you can import….

No problem, thanks, I’m using Freecad on Win10, you’re on Mac menus a little bit different. We need just to find the correct button and know is existing, I’m newbie in Freecad … There is under Edit Menu a Placement, but it is not accessible (grayed out)


Placement panel shows when selecting item in tree… You may need-to/want-to set your Views

Thank you, by searching we find!
So, the component must in fact be marked, then click on the “Tasks” tab and we access the 3D displacement:

Well, you have to play with translations and rotations but in the end you can move the circuit where you want!

In addition, I saved the project in .FCStd and to my surprise the 2 boards are put back side by side, moreover if I select a board no way to change the placement, the tab is empty.

Here some explanation about Placement :
We need to click on ellipsis to get the right Menu :

… yes, I know darn near all the things to do (been using FreeCAD since v13, as I remember).

But, I’m not much of a’ Hand-Holder’. I expect others to grasp an inference and explore…
Thus, I won’t tell you how to stop it from being placed side-by-side…

However, and, aside from telling FreeCAD what to do, you can tell Kicad what to do so that FreeCAD receives the file in the position you want it… Think about the information the items get exported with…

It is recommended to design the two boards separately and generate the step files for each of the boards. These step files can be imported to the freecad tool and check for the mountability of the two boards. While installing KiCad, it gives an option to install freecad also. Please have a check on that.

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