Some components are not connected

Good morning.
I am learning to use kicad. I followed the instructional videos and now I am trying a small scheme with an L7805. Unfortunately, I can’t understand why Kicad tells me that some components are not connected. Can some more experienced person help me?

Which is the exact error message you get?

You need to specify power settings. There’s a “PWR_FLAG” that needs to be set for VCC and GND. In other words, KICAD needs to know what the wire from your connectors represent.

Thanks bitman, thanks pedro.
I get this error:
ERC report (05/05/2020 17:32:30, Encoding UTF8 )
ErrType(3): Pin connected to other pins, but not driven by any pin
@(30.48 mm, 34.29 mm): Pin 1 (Power input) of component #PWR0104 is not driven (Net 2).
ErrType(3): Pin connected to other pins, but not driven by any pin
@(53.34 mm, 76.20 mm): Pin 3 (Power input) of component U2 is not driven (Net 3).
ErrType(3): Pin connected to other pins, but not driven by any pin
@(50.80 mm, 45.72 mm): Pin 2 (Power input) of component U1 is not driven (Net 5).
I have this version: Version: (5.1.5)-3 on Windows10
Sorry for my stupid question, but where’s the flag of power?I found various labels on the toolbar on the right but no power flags. Thanks

I have solved. As a first scheme with KiCad I chose it really well: what a bad luck.
Thank you all for your patience :joy:

If you have read:

You would have no that problem to solve as it is described there (see page 18).

The description in the FAQ that i linked is more detailed than the getting started stuff. To be honest i think even my Tutorial: Introduction to PCB design with KiCad version 5.1 (Getting Started) here on the forum is better than the one in the kicad doc

You do have the benefit of being in the trenches where the questions come up so your tutorial probably anticipates a lot of, well, frequently asked questions. :wink:

And my tutorial does not need to be translated so i have less of a problem if i decide to completely rewrite it.

I agree in dark :slight_smile:
But I think for someone starting to be interested in KiCad it should be obvious to find those documentation at KiCad official page why to look at forum and find FAQs here is not so obvious.

That may be starting to change some. I’ve been know to look at communities when making some choices. I wouldn’t be surprised it that isn’t becoming more prevalent.

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