[solved] Songle Power Relay 3d library

Hello everyone.

I am just finishing a simple PCB and wanted to look at the 3D model. All components are showing, except the Power Relay formerly listed as


I recently updated to Kicad 5 and some 3d models changed, but none disappeared. Loading a old library does not show the model and the knew one I found


does not have it anymore. Has the name changed to something I missed or was it removed intentionally?

Thanks in advance

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So if I understand correctly I only need to point the footprints to the older versions of the 3D model?

I added my custom library path to the 'Environment Variable Configuration ’ and tried adding the 3d shape manually in the ‘Footprint properties’ in the PCB editor and replace the ‘3D shape name’ with the version from the old library.

Even the preview window shows no model.

I made a very embarrassing mistake: I did not check the file endings. The old relay was listed under


where the new library models only have


I found a repository where someone converted (made) this power relay models (and the other variants of it)


I just added it to my custom library and it showed up.

Just a question for general file management. Is it cleaner to add new library elements (footprints, symbols and models) to the system library under the correct directory (e.g. in ${KISYS3DMOD}/Relay_THT.3dshapes)
or keep a separate path with all the added but not approved components?

I tend to branch it into two separate paths ‘system’ and ‘custom’, but many elements are now duplicated. This may lead to confusion concerning the official releases and updates of the libraries.

I will do some light reading.


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