[Solved] Routing problem

Hi all,

I am using KiCad 5 in Windows, I am trying to route track in PCBnew from one pad to another pad but the track seem to stop and could not place the track on the other pad.

From the screenshot, I tried to place track from PGND1 to another PGND1 but it does not allow me to place the track and I click somewhere else I still can’t get the track to be place.

May I ask is it because I need to have a smaller clearance or somewhere in the setting I need to modify in order for the track to be place?

Thanks in advance for any help.

It shouldn’t be a clearance issue since it is the same net and there are no more pads around.

What is exactly the problem?
Have you set the highlight collisions option in the interactive routing? It always gives a hint.

Just one click on the first pad to start and just one click on the second pad to end?

There is something strange about your pad. I see a “3” in the centre which indicates it overlapped with another pad, also the air wire doesn’t go to the center.

I suspect these hidden pads are preventing the routing.

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I have unchecked everything in the interactive option, and still can’t route the track.

I found out that I need to change the drill holes number to the same pad number and then I can route the track. Thanks all for the help.

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You got a drill hole pad and a rectangular pad there?
So two pads?
You know that you can make them in one go, right?
And avoid problems like this.

You do multiple pads only for complicated stuff, not something simple like this.


I saw the air wire and guessed there was a small track segment hiding under the pad, but I missed the problem with “2” and “3”. You get today’s award for “Sharpest Eyes on the Forum”.


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May I ask how do I have multiple drill hole in a single pad?

If I understand your question correctly, the answer is to use multiple through-hole pads. Define a drill hole in each pad, assign the SAME pad number to each of the multiple pads, then position them so the drill holes fall where you want them.

If that doesn’t answer your question, can you post a datasheet, drawing, or photo that shows what you want to accomplish?



Thats what I did, I had the through hole pad and change the number to the same to the pad and after that I can route the track. Before that I didn’t know the number have to be same as the pad so I explore around and found my answer.

The reason behind the pad number needing to be the same is explained in detail in this FAQ article: How does KiCad know which symbol pin represents which pad of the footprint?

TlDr: the pad number is what decides which things are connected. You can have pads overlapping with different pad numbers if the symbol has the pins for both numbers and they are connected on the symbol side. (I however would consider it a hack and would advice to have overlapping pads the same number)

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