[SOLVED] New to Kicad - Question about Resistor Value location

I’ve seen many created KiCad schematics showing the resistor value bound within the resistor rectangle symbol. The standard library shows the location of the R value as within the boundary of the symbol but when placing the symbol onto the schematic, the R value is placed outside the symbol rectangle boundary. Is this normal? I realize that I can simply ‘Move’ the value within Resistor rectangle but it would be nice if I didn’t need to do this each time. Would someone instruct me whether this is normal behavior?

Turn OFFF the checkbox in: Schematic Editor / Preferences / Preferences / Schematic Editor / Editing Options / Symbol Field Automatic Placement / Automatically place symbol fields.

Easy solution. Thanks, I appreciate the response.

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It’s “normal” but there is also an open issue for it:

Update: Keyword do_not_autoplace has been added to 6.99. Thanks!

OMG, just learnt something - I normally just move the value field!!! DOH!

And thank you paulvdh!

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