Solved - Moving Componets and undoing track to ratnest state

I’m moving a bunch of components enough that I just want to undo the tracks completely and reroute. Or perhaps back to the first via or component.

Is there a way to do this per component?

I’ll first move blocks around after reverting some tracks to rats nest to avoid overlaps perhaps.

Is there a way to add items to a selection? In windows for instance holding the ctrl key and selecting a new item adds to the list.

There are multiple different ways to select multiple tracks and delete them.
The most rigourous would be:
Pcbnew / Edit / Global Deletions

More precise:
Hover over a track and press “u” or “i” to select more, then press [Del]

Another basic way is to drag a box (Dragging left is different from dragging right!!!) and then [RMB] and from the popup menu click on: "Select / Filter selection to refine your selection.

While holding both [Ctrl + Shift] you can toggle entities in the selection.
This is all pretty basic stuff and I’m kind of ashamed of still not having been able to update the “Getting started in KiCad” guide for KiCad V5…

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I have a few tips for such tasks in the getting started tutorial Tutorial: Introduction to PCB design with KiCad version 5.1 (Getting Started) (Section “Cleanup Traces” and the section after that.)

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