[Solved] JLCPCB Fabrication Toolkit: how to save in the project dir?

I installed manually the plugin 0.4.2. since the plugin manager suffers of issue I told above. It works excellently! Thank you @Benny

It may be that @Benny forgot the merge request to the PCM’s repository …

" Updating your package

Updates should be submitted as additional merge requests that change the metadata.json file (and any other package files that need updating). You may submit updates to more than one package in a single merge request as long as the packages share a namespace."

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Tried to reach him on Github.

Hopefully the plugin tool will automatically update it :slight_smile:

It is waiting for approval from the KiCad developers.
You can check the progress here: https://gitlab.com/kicad/addons/metadata/-/merge_requests/105

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Hi @Benny thanks for the explanation.

I do suggest everybody to check if the installer is installing the 0.4.2 or above.
In case it doesn’t, just download the ZIP and click on the button as in the screenshot here below

It does effortlessly

I see the pipeline failed also for the 1.0 … I provide to update it manually

It has not failed. The developers just did not merged it yet.

I have a good and a bad news.

The good news: it was merged 1h ago (around 20:48 C.E.T.)
The bad news: the plugin and content manager insists to install the 0.3.2 instead of the 1.0.0

GOOD NEWS Screenshot

BAD NEWS Screenshot

Addons do not show up immediately after they have been merged to that repository.

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I didn’t know there is a latency on it.

It’s updated now.

It’s not clear to me if it’s updated only when the plugin manager is opened, or if updates are done once KiCAD is launched.

However it’s a great news and great tool :slight_smile:

However @Benny to me it’s opening always on the TEMP … to be able to get ti on the project folder, I had to uninstall and install it again. Then it worked … (while Im’ writing I did it)

New version isntalled

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