hi all

I updated to the nightlies this morning after having been away for a while and EEsched is crashing with a Segmentation fault whenever I select ‘Tools/Library Browser’.
That’s ok, it can happen with nightlies.

What puzzled me was the error message on the console:

(kicad:17038): Gdk-CRITICAL **: IA__gdk_window_process_updates: assertion ‘GDK_IS_WINDOW (window)’ failed
Segmentation fault

There have been updates in Gnome3 as well in the past couple of weeks.
Has anyone seen this before?

Not sure if this is relevant, but…

Sign up on Launchpad and make a bug report, with as much detail as possible. Segmentation faults should not be happening

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Actually, EEsched failed to load any library, it seems, because it wiped all symbols from the schematic. Even resistors.
Sadly, I cannot produce a sensible stack dump for the bug report, because I am using binaries from a ppa that do not contain any names.

If I am the only one experiencing this, it might be that I have problems with my Gnome environment.
I will try to look into it a bit more tomorrow.
Still, you are right, a segfault should not occur… :wink:


I think I am back in business again.

First I checked an updated KiCAD installation on another computer. It had a couple of complaints, notably the sym-lib-table, but after that it did convert all the symbols in the schematic to the versions in the newer libraries. So at that point I knew the problem had to be on my machine.

Back at my own workplace, I reinstalled the kicad libs. That did not solve it. Then I reinstalled kicad. Did not solve it either. Then I removed $HOME/.config/kicad, forcing kicad to reinitiate.
After that it did complain about sym-lib-table and reinstalled the default. My poor schematic did not work yet, but at least kicad no longer segfaults.

So I removed my schematic and reinstalled that from backup. Now it behaves again. It did convert to the new libraries. Phew.
My troubles might have been caused by the fact that I have added some symbols to the libraries in the past, so I have changed the location of libraries to point to my local git repo to be able to test my own versions of some of the libs (with my added symbols).

Good. It is fixed. For me at least.