Silkscreen error from circular symbol (CAM350 bug)


This isn’t the sort of numeric instability described there, so the underlying problem likely has something to do with the CAM’s parser. Having no access to CAM350 we can’t even say if avoiding G75 would fix this problem or if it will still come up if 4.6 format is used. If someone can confirm that the problem goes away for all known bad CAMs (ageing versions CAM350 are all I’m personally aware of) if we use G74 exclusively then we may get the chief devs to consider making modifications to avoid G75. Otherwise the consensus is still “incorrect 3rd party implementation - not required to fix”.


No, perhaps not, but you miss the point. Reread the last paragraph in conjunction with your statement …

In fact it does the opposite suggesting the use of G74 arcs as they are intrinsically safe.

Making this statement …

also nonsense, as there would be nothing “corrupt” about it.